Canva, a teacher’s best friend

One tool that I have started using WAY more is Canva.

Originally, I used it as just a site where I could create my family’s Christmas cards– which did NOT turn out all that wonderful on the first try, let me tell you. But with a little practice, I was ready for next year’s cards which turned out amazing!

My first school creation was a poster for the Student Council’s Dodgeball Tournament and I was immediately hooked on all the exciting ways I could use this new tool in my classroom.

That same year, I had all my students create a poster for our Ancient China Acrostic Poem and they turn out so well! The learning curve was a bit steep, but once the students got the hang of it, they were so happy to be able to get creative with all the free elements on Canva.

I stuck with posters for my room and for our hallway but then last year, I started noticing some incredibly exciting presentations that blog-users and fellow instagram teacher friends were using. When I asked, they all said “Canva!”.

Did you know that Canva has hundreds of exciting presentations for every subject under the sun? Did I mention that they are all loaded with exciting fonts, animations, and compelling graphics?

Did I mention that Canva is free?

Did I mention that you can spend less time creating amazing content with Canva?

Click on this link to see the super cool presentation I put together for a grad class I am taking.


Let me know how you are using Canva in your classroom!

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