Free Images… Pixabay

If you are like me you thought that any Google Image could be used as long as you were creating something for your classroom and that was covered under Fair Use.

Yeah, well about that. That’s not actually how it works.

While I still find Copyright law and Fair Use confusing, I decided that the easiest decision would be to use a website that is full of free pictures that can be used.

Enter Pixabay.

I love using Pixabay for all my image needs in my classroom. I know that I am not infringing on any copyright or fair use laws and that is one less trouble on my brain.

Pixabay is so easy to use and I can ALWAYS find a great image for my presentations and graphics.

When I started this blog, Pixabay was my first tool that I pulled from to create visuals like this one below.

I used this image for my Medieval Japan unit and it was PERFECT!

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